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Forget password functionality


Are you going to cover forget password functionality in nearest future?

Or, maybe, you can advise how to add password recovery via email fast, in common terms, how to send link with token or whatever to change password page.


"Password recovery" and "Public Registration" have been requested for some few times.

I'll be adding it to the next version/put up a blog post on how to do that.

keith and dejanan have reacted to this post.

Is there a timeframe on these requested features? I will work other features if this under current development. Thanks

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@keith These are part of upcoming features. To contribute please get in touch via mail.

Can we get an update on these features?  I recent purchased the Pro version based on the demo having them, but the project download did not have these features.

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That's correct. The features description says:

  • A working implementation of email confirmation, password recovery, password reset, etc

But the QuickApp-PRO-v2.7.2 doesn't have that functionality.

Please Eben, update the project version and include that.



All templates have been updated to have these feature sets "A working implementation of email confirmation, password recovery, password reset".

You can get these bits by downloading the latest versions.

Eben Monney