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Just bought QuickApp.Pro, want to add models into DB,

Dear Eben,

App is really Awesome and i wanted to use it as a starter template for my POC app.

I get the QuickApp.Pro for myself, now i want to add these models to DB and going forward want to use the EF from database only.

I have updated connection strings in app.setting and I am trying to run the migrations one by one as below:

Update-Database -Context PersistedGrantDbContext


Update-Database -Context ConfigurationDbContext

It gives me result as "Done" in pakage manager console but neither db is created nor any objects. I have also tried with creating an empty db and then trying to run these commands but same result.

Please help me out here, if my approach is wrong, or just how would i achieve it. I want to create a db with these existing models and to use Database only for my all future developments.

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Hello Sameer,

Thanks for purchasing the template.
The package you purchased (QuickApp PRO) already implements EntityFramework Core to store IdentityServer configurations.
So the above steps are not necessary.

To see your database simply build and run the application. DB generation is created automatically for you using the connection string specified in appsettings.Development.json. The line databaseInitializer.SeedAsync().Wait();  in Program.cs takes care of DB creation at startup. So you're set to begin adding your specific features right out of the box.

The default connection string uses a localdb called QuickApp. Check for that after your application is launched for the first time.

Note: Use the project in the folder "kitchen-sink" for the full implementation of QuickApp.

Eben Monney

Thank you so much for your reply Eben, i see the db and now corresponding table.

I have one question though. My POC is internal app, so i just want to use basic authentication or just JWT for subsequent api calls.

I see Identity server configurations are little bit difficult, and i want to avoid for my current POC app. Please suggest how to disable that.

I would highly appreciate your advice and help here

Hello, Identity server already uses JWT tokens.
You can work with the current behavior without modifying IdentityServer.

See the file endpoint-base.service.ts for an example on how to retrieve the accessToken clientside to make your own requests.
Look for this.authService.accessToken in the file.

Eben Monney

Dear Eben,

Thanks for the reply, I am kind of stuck now. Really need your help.

The issue is I have this existing DB with tables and all the functionalities like user, role, etc. It is from an existing app.

Now I need to use it with QucikApp, so now when I am scaffolding, it gives me an error.

How to proceed with it. Will you give an example "How to onboard your existing DB to the QuickApp and proceed."

It will be really helpful for a lot of people.