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QuickApp Pro -

Hi All,

Just bought the QuickApp Pro and got some issues, most of them related with my ng client version being below version 10. This now seems to be solved however when VS runs I am getting a message on the browser saying: " Cannot Get /"

Running the ng serve from the ClientApp folder gives me the following messaege


ERROR in node_modules/@angular/material/radio/radio.d.ts:184:9 - error TS2611: '
disabled' is defined as a property in class 'CanDisableRipple & HasTabIndex & Ma
tRadioButtonBase', but is overridden here in '_MatRadioButtonBase' as an accesso

184 get disabled(): boolean;
node_modules/@angular/material/table/cell.d.ts:42:5 - error TS2610: 'name' is de
fined as an accessor in class 'CdkColumnDef', but is overridden here in 'MatColu
mnDef' as an instance property.

42 name: string;

** Angular Live Development Server is listening on localhost:4200, open your bro
wser on http://localhost:4200/ **"

Could someone help me out sorting this

Many thanks