Prerequisites to QuickApp


QuickApp has the same prerequisites as a standard ASP.NET Core Web Application project and an Angular web application.

If you’re running on the latest version of Visual Studio then chances are you already meet these prerequisites.

To run on any editor of your choice or from the command line in Windows, Linux or Mac here are what you need to have installed to successfully develop with the QuickApp template.

ASP.NET Core Requirements

For the ASP.Net Core Web Application you’ll need the .net core SDK. You can get this from here: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download

Angular Requirements

For angular support make sure your development environment includes Node.js® and an npm package manager.

Installing node.js will also install npm package manager as well. You can get the installer from here: https://nodejs.org

When downloading I recommend you download the LTS version of node as this is most compatible with Angular

Version Checks

To check the version of these tools you currently have on your system, run the following commands

  • dotnet –version: This lets you view the current version of .net core running on your system
  • dotnet –info: This command will list all the relevant information about the versions of .net core sdks and runtimes installed on your machine along with their installation paths and more
  • node -v: This lets you see the current version of node installed on your system
  • npm -v: This lets you see the version of npm installed on your system


Happy Codding!

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    October 21, 2019 at 6:43 pm

    To get dotnet version and info double-dash should be used
    dotnet –-version
    dotnet –-info

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