QuickApp Standard – Premium ASP.NET Core/Angular 9 Template with Bootstrap4

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ASP.NET Core 3.1 / IdentityServer 4 / Angular 9 / Bootstrap 4 / Bootswatch / Angular CLI application template with an end-to-end login, user and role management implementation. As well as other common functionalities for Quick Application Development.

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QuickApp Standard is a responsive SPA project template built with Angular 9 and Bootstrap 4 on an ASP.NET Core 3.1 backend. It is fully featured with a working login, user and role management as well as other common application features for Quick and Efficient Application Development.

QuickApp Pro is built on Modern Programming Patterns and follows Good Programming Practices. It provides a solid architecture for your application and a great starting point.

The code in QuickApp is clean and simple making it easy to adopt for both new and seasoned developers.

Live demo here

  • Template pages with Angular 9 and TypeScript
  • RESTful API Backend using ASP.NET Core 3.1 MVC Web API
  • Database using Entity Framework Core
  • Authentication based on IdentityServer4 and ASP.NET Core Identity
  • API Documentation using Swagger
  • Client-side built on Angular CLI
  • Theming using Bootstrap 4 and Bootswatch
  • A complete backend and frontend project structure to build on, with login, user and permission-based role management integrated
  • A working implementation of email confirmation, password recovery, password reset, etc
  • Clean and simple Angular/ASP.NET Core code to kick-start your project
  • Data Access Layer built with the Repository and Unit of Work Pattern
  • Code First Database
  • A RESTful API Design
  • Dialog and Notification Services
  • Configuration Page and Configuration Service
  • Integrated Internationaliztion
  • Theming with SASS
  • Ready-to-use email API
  • Handling Access and Refresh Tokens with WebStorage (Bearer authentication) – No Cookies
  • Fully Responsive
  • etc.

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