About Eben Monney

Hi, my name is Ebenezer Monney. You can call me Companezer. I’m a full-stack developer who’s worked with and taught code across academia and the tech industry both as a Senior Developer and a Consultant. I’m a tech lover, a huge Itachi fun and a Christian.
In my spare time I love to enjoy some good anime and generally love to review code and explore efficient and simple ways of reinventing common tasks.

I hold a first degree in Computer Engineering (BSc.) and a masters degree in Information Technology (MSc.).

I program in c#, c++, Java, JavaScript, TypesScript, Linq, Regex, Html 5, CSS 3, Sass and the others.

My preferred technology stacks are ASP.NET (ASP.NET Core, MVC, Web API, WebForms & whatnots), Angular 5, Bootstrap, Material Design, Windows Forms, WPF, Windows Service, WCF, SQL Server, Entityframework.

So yes mostly I’m an MS guy, but beyond that… it’s all rainbows.


 Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ~Leonardo da Vinci


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