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General questions about the QuickApp Pro


I just purchased the QuickApp pro and I'm very new to Angular and ASP.NET Core. Therefore I have some questions that I would like clarified.

1. When creating a new project that is supposed to use this template - is there any way of creating File -> New -> Project and use this as a project template? Or do I have to open the project, manually change all the namespaces etc? What's the best way of approaching using this template in new projects in Visual Studio 2017?

2. I noticed that there are two different projects - one of them located in a folder called kitchen-sink. What is the differences between these projects, and which project is recommended to use as the starting template?

3. I want to add Devexpress components to use in this project. When I create a new ASP.NET Core project with Angular in Visual Studio 2017, I get a package.json file and  a webpack.config.js file where I configure the dependencies for the project, like done in this link: https://js.devexpress.com/Documentation/Guide/VS_Integration/Add_DevExtreme_to_an_ASP.NET_Core_Angular_Application/ but it seems like it is done in a different way in this project template because I cannot locate these files. How do I add dependencies to this project template?

Thanks in advance!


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