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I think this very good project is not being maintained.


Seti 4 months ago, Mr. Monney has no longer entered this forum. No answers are provided on https://github.com/emonney/QuickApp. We now have Angular 9 and NetCore 3.1. I once wrote to support, but unfortunately I didn't get any information. I think it's a shame that this project is no longer being maintained.


regards Ingo

i know what you mean - nothing really for 6 months - however, the latest version can be easily updated to core 3.1 and angular 9 - which I've done, and the latest changes with the singup and security are nice. I've got both deploying with the latest Angular and .net and just working on the email validation - this project is the bases on 3 apps I have real users for (2 the material and 1 using std) and his work has saved me months of work..

Hi Tony,

I have already changed the version to .NetCore 3.1. I will try to switch to Angular 9 in the coming week. I think the app is very good, it also saved me a lot of time. Unfortunately, it is no longer maintained.


Hi Tony/Ingo,

Did you tried to include CRUD operation for 'Product.component.ts' or 'Order.component.ts' ? I tried but couldn't able to do. If yes, can you please walk me through or provide code snippet. Appreciate your help. Thanks !

Hi Bmavi,

where is the problem on the client or server side? Write me down your email address.


Hi Ingo,

Problem is on client side, server side is showing results. My email address is dottnett@gmail.com. Thanks !

Have any of you guys had any correspondence? I am trying to subscribe and get source for quickapp-standard, which looks like a good seed project candidate that I want to do.  Paid via my cc through paypal, but heard nothing!


A version of Angular 9 and .NetCore 3.1 has been available on GitHub https://github.com/emonney/QuickApp for 2 days. We can only download songs here in the shop only the old version down.

I was hoping that the version would also be available here and bought the product. The purchase was canceled with an error message. I then tried to contact Mr. Monney. As always, unfortunately no response received. On the page "Account / Orders" there was the possibility to call up the payment process again. It had worked out there. Now I'm waiting for the Angular 9 upgrade.


It is a very good seed application - much more comprehensive than many of the free seeds on Github.

Been in communication and an Angular 9 version is due very shortly.