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How does the logging in work? (a link will suffice)

I bought the pro version of quick app and I'm stepping through the code, but i've come to a sticking point at the login stage. How does it work?

I can see the client calls "/connect/token" but in the server code the only reference to that is in the `services.AddSwaggerGen` method.

After browsing this article https://www.scottbrady91.com/Identity-Server/ASPNET-Core-Swagger-UI-Authorization-using-IdentityServer4 I believe that authentication is happening through the following URL https://quickapp-pro.azurewebsites.net/connect/token

If my belief is correct, why? (why wasn't a configured identity server included in the package?). If I am wrong what is happening?

It's disappointing that there seems to be no support for this product...