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jQuery Integration

Hi Eben,

Just wondering whether the Pro version has support built in already for jQuery?  I'm trying to avoid using it but if/when I have to it would e good to know how to do this.

Many thanks


Jquery was removed from the PRO version.

Angular+Typescript+Material Design has very little need for JQuery. But should you choose to include it its quite straight forward:

1. Install the jquery package:
npm install jquery --save

2. Include jquery in the scripts section of angular-cli.json:
     "scripts": ["../node_modules/jquery/dist/jquery.min.js" ]

3. Import jquery into the file you want to use it from
      import * as $ from 'jquery';


NB: For an example of how to include Jquery with Webpack, see the opensource version of QuickApp at https://github.com/emonney/QuickApp

Hope this helps.

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Jes Kirkup

Awesome thanks