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Many questions - Scripts / Dev / Multi-Application

Greetings from France,

I'm quite new in development (still in studies) and also onto ASP.NET Core, I would like to ask few questions :


1 - Lauching scripts via NPM Task Runner ? :

In package.json, i found "Scripts" you made :

"scripts": {
"ng": "ng",
"start": "ng serve",
"build": "ng build --extract-css",
"test": "ng test",
"lint": "ng lint",
"e2e": "ng e2e",
"dev": "ng build --watch"


I installed the popular NPM task runner, but it didn't detect any of those, can't run these scripts in visual studio. Do you have any idea to solve it ? Do you use anything else ?

2 - IIS for developping ? :

I used IIS with ASP.NET to code onto my own local. On ASP.NET Core, it seems I have to launch each time "IIS" from  visual studio :


This is borring, my visual studio is on "lauching mod" and I have to relaunch each time to see changments. (orange at the bottom)

Is that possible to host (not for deploying as I saw on other subjects) on IIS and it manages itself the compilation ?

What should I do ? What's the best issue ? Any advice on it ?


3 - Mutli application and node modules ? :

I'm gonna create a lot of web application under the same base.

My architecture would have a commun base, that would be "Common" project :

  • setting templates
  • common code
  • the main page  wich would contains the navigation links towards each application.

Each application is also a project in the same solution.

The problem is that each applications contains node_module generated by npm build.

Is that possible to set a node_module in "Common" project, and each applications refers to it ? The size of one application is really heavy (~ 500Mo), i don't want my solution weigh 5 Go at the end 🙂


Best reguards, I hope my english is not so bad,





Hello Emilien,

Greetings. Find my numbered response below:

  1. For now I believe NPM Task Runner only works with package.json located at the root of the project. It doesn't work with package.json nested in subfolders.
    There are user questions on this in the Q & A segment of the extension . You might have to raise an issue with the extension vendor for a fix
  2. In order for changes to reload and automatically reflect in your browser please use IIS Express or lunch with npm start. The project has configuration to support these approaches
  3. You can place the node_modules folder in a parent directory. When node doesn't find a node_modules folder it automatically moves up the directory tree to find it. Keep in mind you'll have to update all hard references that points to the node_modules folder inside your project.
    But I believe a better approach will be to organize your backend rather into multiple projects and maintain a single project for the frontend. Angular already has an excellent framework to organize common functionalities into feature modules and load them on demand. See here for more

Eben Monney