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Problem with Invoice ID: WC-4652

Hello, guys!

I paid for the order, but then I do not know what to do. Nothing comes to me. Please tell me how to get the source code.
I forgot to sign in an account on your site. I just paid with PayPal. Maybe it can help..

p.s. I sent a few letters to support email, but I decided to try and here.


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log in open the side Account/Downloads


regards Ingo

Unfortunately, but it does not help. The problem is that I made the payment when I was not logged into the account. And now the payment has passed, but was not included to my account.

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Hello Sergey,

Sorry you had issues with your download. Our records indicates the package has been downloaded so I believe this is now resolved.

If not please check your inbox for a mail from ebenmonney.com, it will contain instructions on how to download your package. Check in your spam folder in case it landed in your spam. You can also whitelist the domain "ebenmonney.com" to make sure you receive our future communications.

I've also responded to your support email with a link to download your package. Let me know how it goes.

Eben Monney

Hello Eben!

Thank you for the link! I got it in my email.

In other places - still has nothing. But I think the link works well for me now.

I don’t know for sure if you are releasing updates for your packages.
But if you do not release, then the current version with mail and a link satisfied me.

Thank you!

Hello Sergey,

Glad you got your package.
I do release updates for the package. And the same link is good for all updates up to a year.
If you have issues at any point you let us know.

Eben Monney