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Questions about the architecture



I like the QuickApp, it seems to have all the right best practices in place. I do have some questions about the architecture:

  1. Why are the Web API and the Angular web application combined within a single project? Would it not be better to separate them? Multiple sites and external parties could connect to the web API, you could even run the API on a separate server / cluster.
  2. The DAL is using the UnitOfWork pattern. Would it not be better to implement the Rep/UoW pattern comming with EF Core? (https://www.thereformedprogrammer.net/is-the-repository-pattern-useful-with-entity-framework-core/)
  3. Why is there a difference between adding a user and the options a user has on it’s profile? It seems to me like it’s all user data that an administrator could want to add or alter.
  4. Our software is almost never allowed to set or alter passwords as an administrator. Users should always set the passwords themself, an Administrator could click a “force reset”, but that should sent the password reset function to the user. What we miss a bit within the current quickapp is this “forgot my password” option and as another user indicated, the “register as a new user” option.
  5. The IAuditable within the DAL is nice, but it only logs the last person / date-time that changed anything. It’s not a historical log and there is no way to see what has been changed. You can’t create any undo function on this as well. Would something like this not be better if you indeed need tracking of changes? https://www.ecanarys.com/Blogs/ArticleID/230/ASP-NET-Audit-Trail-Implementation-using-Entity-Framework

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