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Unable to obtain configuration error


Alright well for those with issues in the development environment the issue was with certs and trust.

If you're on a mac or windows delete your localhost trusted cert and regenerate those

dotnet dev-certs https --trust

@vravipati would you please provide more information about your environment? base url that you are hosting on and the appconfig?

Hello Christopher,

I have deployed WINDOWS IIS environment, dev and staging are working fine. I have attached web.config, appsettings.json.



Uploaded files:

And can you verify your certificate used for the site is a trusted and verifiable cert?

Hello Christopher,

If I add host entry in production web server it is working fine. We have application F5 firewall. We don't have F5 firewall on Dev and stage and working fine.

It means we are eliminating F5 firewall. Do you think it is the firewall issue? or am I missing something in app settings?

Update: If the application going through F5 firewall, the base URL is using different IP address then web server IP address.


Firewalls are a matter of interest though necessary. As for the ip difference, do you have your forwarding rules in place, correct ports, mapped to the correct application ip, and active?