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Swagger API

Hi Eben,

Great Job!

Do you have any information on setting up/debugging the API?  I note the QuickApp solution uses your public API/Swagger EndPoint.

Im going to sign up for the pro template.  Any help on configuring the DB/EF layer?   Will I be able to use DB First moving forwards with this solution template?

Many thanks




Hello Jes,

I'm glad you are considering going PRO.

To answer your questions QuickApp doesn't use my public (hosted API). It's a complete package with an asp.net core backend with an angular client that connects to the backend. So you should be able to debug this solution the same way you debug any server code you write yourself on your dev machine. I personally prefer POSTMAN when developing/debugging APIs. I must mention that the api exposed by the backend asp.net core is very similar to that hosted online.

You don't really need to do anything extra configuring the DB/EF layer. QuickApp takes care of everything (DB Creation, table creation, etc) using EF migrations. If you want to swap the code first DB for a DB First approach that's perfectly valid. Threat this as you would any other asp.net EF project.

I am unable to get any response from the API .I am trying to have it display the list of users.I am using google chrome. Any suggestions ?

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I have the same problem how get access token with postman?