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While I'm not saying that runescape should be more like WOW

Now, take your normal armour and eliminate the 2 Drakan Guards level 125. They will drop regular bones, as well as Gold (100-500) In the next moment two Knights of Level 150 will burst in RS3 Items. Make sure you turn on protection from Melee and you'll be able to block them 100%. When they die, they'll drop regular bones, and around the same amount of gold.

Drakan: Prepare thyself and fool yourself! Drakan will take flight towards you and then rise. He will appear Level-205, and relatively difficult to kill with Piety and protect from Melee on. After he is killed, he will drop Drakan's Shard. Drakan's Shard is his prized item, and is used to prove that you killed Drakan. Are you OK? It's better than just being okay. Take a look! It's... the shard of his... impossible! I killed him, and then brought this to be my proof! Amazing... The Myreque are in your debt!

New Quest and Dungeon: Solar Diplomacy. The name of the city is Solar Isle. The requirements to enter are: Completed Solar Diplomacy. SOLAR ISLE Part 1. Quest fit for a Legned. Quest Name: Solar Diplomacy. Quest Requirements: Legends Quest, Dream Mentor and Druid Ritual. Skills: 55 Agility 70 Magic 80 Attack, 80 Defense, 75 Strength, 75 Woodcutting, 75 Firemaking 35 Crafting, and Level 65 Herblore.

Recommended: Ability to take on numerous level 90+ Guards The enemy of Level 80-90 is resistant to nearly all weapons and a Level205 Boss who is immune to range. Contact Sir Radimus Erkle from the Legends Guild Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold, to begin. Radimus Erkle: Many greetings, (Player Name). The problem has come up and I do not have the time for it.